Towards Maturity 2017 Benchmark
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Welcome to the 2017 Towards Maturity Benchmark
The Towards Maturity Benchmark™ enables people professionals to confidentially review their technology-enabled learning strategy, compare their approach with top performing organisations and establish priorities with personalised results.

Our Benchmark is considered one of the most comprehensive independent reviews of how organisations are establishing successful learning strategies in the workplace. Until 31 July, the Towards Maturity Benchmark is free for all learning professionals around the globe – complete a review to receive a free Personalised Benchmark Report (£300 value).

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The benefits of benchmarking
Benchmarking can help you bring lasting change, faster. It identifies the priority actions that will work for you and the tactics that need to be implemented or improved. You'll receive a free Personalised Benchmark Report,  which will score you on a variety of performance improvement benchmarks and includes insights to help you improve business alignment, increase learner engagement and make informed decisions about new models of learning, like 70:20:10.

Completion time
Benchmarking is a reflective process - a comprehensive review of your learning strategy. The Towards Maturity Benchmark should take around 30-40 minutes of your time; more if it is done as a team. If you don't have the answers to hand, or cannot answer a particular question, just leave it blank and skip to the next question, or come back to it later.

If you need to leave before you're finished
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The full Benchmark Review will take approximately 1 hour to complete. We understand some of you do not have sufficient time - there is the option to do the short 25-35 minute summary version! 
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How long has your organisation been using learning technologies? (in YEARS)
0 Years10 years+
Years using learning technologies
Which statement best describes your organisation's learning maturity?
Novice - we are beginning to formulate our learning strategy
Localised - our learning strategy is still at an early stage
Developing - we are starting to coordinate learning across the organisation
Established - learning is transforming our organisation
Embedded - we have a learning culture which influences our everyday work
Budget and Resourcing

Across the benchmark, all of your responses are treated with complete confidentiality.
What is your organisation's budget per employee for learning and development?

Changes in budgets and resourcing
Increase Stay the same Decrease
How has your overall training budget changed in the last 2 years?
How do you expect your overall training budget to change in the next 2 years?
How will the percentage of that budget spent on learning technologies change over the next 2 years?
How has your overall L&D team size changed in the last 2 years?
How do you expect your overall L&D team size to change in the next 2 years?
What % of your budget is spent on learning technologies?
What % of learning content is developed in-house?
0 people100+ people
How many people are in your L&D team?
Top performing organisations are twice as likely to regularly review their learning programmes. Complete the next page to discover the tactics and measures that lead to better outcomes.

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Complete your review before 25 June to receive:
  • An invitation to an exclusive ‘Beta Data’ webinar with Laura Overton on 27 June, examining the insights so far (only Benchmark participants will be invited)
  • Entry into a draw to win a standard Strategic Review (£15,000 value)
  • A chance to win two tickets to our VIP preview of the findings and receive a printed copy of the report
All participants before 31 July will receive:
  • A free Personalised Benchmark Report (£300 value), once all data has been analysed
  • Access to exclusive resources on completion, including over 500 videos on leadership and resources from Ambassadors
  • Entry into a draw to win a webinar hosted by Towards Maturity CEO and Founder Laura Overton (£2,000 value)
  • A copy of the Annual Benchmark Report, prior to public release
Making the 2017 Benchmark possible
The Towards Maturity Benchmark is free each year during June-July, thanks to the support of our Ambassadors, who share our passion for ensuring that great independent research is freely available to all.

Whilst this study is supported by our Ambassadors, your data is kept completely confidential between you and Towards Maturity.